2 Hidden Tricks That Will Give You 100MBs at Ksh 1

Safaricom Advert.

It is not in doubt that Kenya is among the countries with the fastest Internet connection in Africa as well as one of the most expensive connections in the world. 

One user told me that its very expensive to be online in Kenya, he could be right. Data bundles and public money have one thing in common, they disappear at the same rate. 

But I have some hidden tricks that will see you buy more data bundles if you are a Safaricom user. I will show you how you can buy 100MB NON EXPIRY from as low as Ksh 5.

I recommend you use My Safaricom App, if you don’t have it installed, you can install it from here. But it’s not mandatory you can still buy via USSD (*544# or *555# if you are a Blazer).

For the purpose of this tutorial I will use My Safaricom App.
Open your My Safaricom App, and click ‘Data & Calling Plans’

We are buying Data With NO EXPIRY. So where you are asked to enter how much you wish to spend, don’t just enter any amount.

Lets for the first time beat Safaricom’s Robots to our benefit.
If you enter Ksh 10,  that’s gives you 20MBs
If you enter Ksh 15, that’s gives you 53MBs. For that extra 5 Shillings you have got 33MBs.
See Screenshot Below

Another Amount is Ksh 50.
If you enter Ksh 50, you get 175MBs
If you enter Ksh 51, you get 255MBs. Just that extra 1 Shilling, 80MBs will be yours. You see what I mean? Don’t just enter any amount!!!!!

Repeat the same process if you are Using USSD *544# or *555# and select DATA BUNDLES WITH NO EXPIRY.