4 Towns That Could Disappear In Kenya Before 2040

Global temperatures are increasing and so is sea levels. This is making cities and some areas around the earth to start sinking as levels of water start to rise mercilessly.

Some that are not along the coastal areas, are experiencing a lot of ground water, that according to World Economic Forum, it causes changes in pressure and volume making the area to sink. World Economic Forum list 11 cities around the world that could disappear by 2100.
They includes;
1. Jakarta, Indonesia
2. Lagos, Nigeria
3. Houston, Texas
4. Dhaka, Bangladesh
5. Venice, Italy
6. Virginia, USA
7. Bangkok, Thailand
8. New Orleans, USA
9. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
10. Alexandria, Egypt.
11. Miami, Florida

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The Most Amazing Lake In Central Kenya

Here in Kenya, there are some developments that have worried scientists and government officials. The rate at which some lakes are filling is becoming a threat to towns that are close to them. According to reports, here is a list of towns that could disappear before the next decade.

1. Mombasa

Mombasa Water levels
Walls on an Abandoned Navy Base at Mombasa. Photo/The Star

According to a report by Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Mombasa could be under the sea in years to come. In Watamu this is evident. This has prompted Coast Development Authority to erect protective walls to protect villages in Ngomeni from sea waves.

Wall constructed to shield villagers from rising water levels in Watamu. Photo/NMG

2. Nakuru

Part of Earth surface sinking in Nakuru. Photo/KNA

Nakuru town is another town which is under the geologist radar. Its closeness to lake Nakuru is just making things worse. The lake’s water levels are rising exponentially and the questions is up to when? Old entrance to lake Nakuru is already under water, what next?
Construction of houses that are more that four story are threatening existence of Nakuru town. Geologists argue that Nakuru town being at the floor of Rift Valley, it susceptible to subsidence- where parts of earth cracks and sinks.

Entrance to Lake Nakuru. Photo/Courtesy
Gate to Lake Nakuru now submerged. Photo/Courtesy

3. Kokwa Island, Rugus and Kampi Ya Samaki

Aerial View of Lake Baringo. Photo/ Aljazeera.com

These are towns just around Lake Baringo, Kokwa is an island within Lake Baringo which has already been submerged. A couple which has been studying this lake for years, told Aljazeera that the water has been rising at about 2.5cm per day. Lake Baringo has displaced more than 5,000 people in 2020 according to government official data. Hotels, schools and homes have been submerged.

A house completely submerged in water at lake Baringo. Photo/ Aljazeera.com

4. Loboi, Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is one of World Heritage sites, but that status is at stake. The water levels here are rising dangerously. James Kimaru, a senior game warden told Aljazeera that, 80% of hot springs are now under water, and they no longer attract tourists. The danger lies where the distance between Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria is shortening with time. They are now 13km apart down from 20km in 2000.


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