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6 Deadly Kenya Special Forces Units That Are Feared Across The Whole World


In our previous article [PHOTOS] Meet KDF’s Special Forces Commandos Who Tops The World, Feel Their Training We discussed Special Forces Training. In this Article we look at several special forces units in KDF, they include Special Boat Unit (SBU) of Kenya Navy, 20th Airborne Special Ops Group (Kenya Army), Rapid Deployment Squadron of Kenya Air Force, the 30th Specials Ops Group (30SF), 40th Ranger Strike Force (40RSF) and Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Units all of Kenya Army.

Special Boat Unit (SBU)

It’s a Kenya Navy elite squad. Soldiers in this unit are privileged to train alongside US Naval Seal in Virginia USA and locally in Lamu according to Africa Journal on Criminology. They receive specialized training in  combat medicine, navigation, boat handling, weapons proficiency and ship boarding procedures.

Rapid Deployment Squadron (RDS)

Its one of the very few special force units in Kenya Air Force. Based in Laikipia Air Base Nanyuki, the special forces commandos in this unit  train alongside US Air Force commandos. Most of its missions remain unknown but what’s known is they rescue captured soldiers by enemies with excellent precision.

20th Airborne Special Ops Group

This unit is based in Gilgil, Nakuru County. Its referred to as the “air force” of the Kenya Army. Most of the Kenyans didn’t know it existed until journalists were allowed into their territory to document their story of success. 

Kenya Army Paratroopers draw a lot of inspiration from USA 5th Airborne Special Operations unit. Armed with state-of-art weapons, they are able to execute missions with unimaginable levels of accuracy.

Together with Special Forces commandos from other units, it was able take over Kismayu University, Kismayu Old Airport, the sea port and the new Kismayu Airport from Al Shabaab militias within 2hrs.  The Operation was codenamed Operation Sledge Hammer, the first to have ever conducted by any African Military. Read More About it here https://kenyanvoice.co.ke/here-is-an-operation-that-only-kenya-special-forces-has-done-in-the-whole-of-africa-see-photos/

30th Special Force (30SF) And 40th Ranger Strike Force (40RSF)

40th Ranger Strike Force is one of the best in sustained warfare in recent world. These commandos commonly known as Rangers have been modeled and trained by the elite US Ranger Regiment commandos.

On the other hand, 30th Special Forces (30SF) soldiers have been training alongside the British Special Air Service and also US Army Green Berets commandos. They train in Kenya and abroad.

According to African Criminology Journal, most people think Special Forces are deployed rapidly, when they get deployed, know that they have done a lot of preparation.  Before they deploy, they have information about power and water connection in the area of operation, crops grown in the area, the economy of the area, roads and local politics. All this is because they must succeed.

Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Units

Read More About it in our previous article https://kenyanvoice.co.ke/photos-meet-the-most-secretive-deadly-kdf-unit-which-works-in-silence/