6 Photos From Japan That Prove This Country Is a Whole Different Universe

Japan is a country with a distinct culture that people of other countries appear to never fully comprehend. And there are plenty of photographs of Japanese culture and traditions on the Internet to prove it. Other people can learn a lot about the Land of the Rising Sun thanks to these photos.

We’ve previously featured photos from Japan on our Facebook page, and now there’s a new collection of images that will teach you even more about the country’s unique culture.

  1. In some Japanese cities, the water in drainage ditches is so pristine that koi fish float around peacefully.

Hundreds of koi fish, for example, swim in the street drainage waterways in Shimabara, Japan’s Kyushu island.

© mahlervv / Wikimedia Commons

2. Square watermelons, it turns out, aren’t quite edible. This is how they look on the inside.


Many people are aware that Japan has grown square watermelons for a long time. However, few people realize that they are only used for decoration and not for eating. Watermelons are harvested before they ripen, making them almost inedible. Square watermelons are said to have a nasty quality by those who have tried them. In Japan, it’s also usual to give these pricey berries as gifts.

3. The Japanese are, very law-abiding and disciplined people. No one, for example, would climb up the side of a ladder that was designed to be used for descending.

© zozozeze73 / Reddit

4. The drivers of this country are used to reverse parking.

© itscalledANIMEdad / Reddit

Because parking lots in Japanese cities are frequently narrow, it is far more convenient to reverse park. In reality, driving out in a forward-facing motion is more convenient because the driver can view the road right away, reducing the risk of an accident.

5. In Japan, there are around 300 crossroads where you can cross the roadway diagonally.

6. In an emergency, elevator seats can often be used as toilets.

© matt_777 / Reddit