Inside Gilgil’s Barracks, Home Of Kenya Special Forces, 40RSF And 30SF Differentiated

The Gilgil Barracks, located approximately a kilometre from Gilgil town, is home to the special operators. And, to enroll in the glad little family right here, you need to be extremely good in the military discipline.  Members of these elite units are picked from the best of the best after pass outs, and straight away begin being examined for endurance, stress control and ingenuity. The Rangers Strike Force (40th RSF) takes 63 days … Read More

How 6 KDF Soldiers Founded Rangers Strike Force, One Of The Best Elite Squad In Africa

What you need to know: The thick of things: within the process of compiling this tale over a few weeks, we spoke to top army brass and a number of the special operators who unfolded about their training. The findings are that Kenya’s elite forces are getting a few blend-and-match training from their … Read More