Celebrated Journalist Narrates Loosing Dad To COVID-19 Amid Flattening Curve

A former popular Journalist Ciru Muriuki has narrated how she lost his Dad to COVID-19, amid growing narrative by most Kenyans that COVID-19 is fake, and it’s a ploy to get donor funds.

Ciru Muriuki :Photo/Twitter

The Journalist who left Uhuru’s Media Max for BBC as a broadcast journalist, explained that when his dad contracted the virus, she too wasn’t so lucky. When his dad passed away, she had to mourn him in complete solitude due to COVID-19 protocols.
“I also contracted the virus, and had to mourn my dad in almost complete solitude. I cannot think of anything worse.” Ciku Said.

Ciku Muriuki was at the gas station, when she reached to the attendant to ask why she had no mask, to her amazement, the attendant told Ciku there was no COVID-19. “This weekend while at a petrol station, I struck up a conversation with the attendant, who proceeded to tell me that COVID-19 is fake, a ploy to get donor funds. That broke me, because my father died of COVID-19,” she revealed.

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Ciku cautioned that regardless of whether Africa experiences a low deaths rate, it’s worth remembering that people have been loosing their loved ones. “So as we talk about how the virus has a low deaths rate, or how it isn’t that serious, or how Africa has been “spared”, remember that people have lost loved ones to this. It has taken the person I loved the most. We are in agony.”

This revelation comes just after US President Donald Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, and they are currently in self quarantine.
Most Kenyans have been questioning the government’s honesty particularly in handling COVID-19 funds.