Did Kenya Defense Forces Form Another Dangerously Lethal Unit Secretly?

Kenya Army Amoured Corps’s SOA Sign post.

Today we take a look at one of the deadliest and most little KDF Special Operation Squad says an online blog.

The blog/video continue by alluding that for many people GSU Recce Company, KDF Special Forces and the Alpha Group Combat Squads are the most Non-Special Operations unit in Kenya, until you meet the first Special Forces Operational Detachment Force in the Kenya Defense Forces known as Kenya Combat Applications Group (KCAG).

This has elicited many reactions across all platforms, some arguing that the said group is an American one and not Kenyan.

According to the blog, this deadly and most lethal squad unit is named Force Green, it is a Special Operations Force of the Kenyan Army and operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command.

 The unit is tasked with missions in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, direct actions that involves attacking the enemy on the front foot and now being used on Special Operations on high value enemy targets, the blog further allege.

It states that the Kenyan Combat Applications Group had counterparts alongside the likes of Alpha and Recce Company and out of the Kenya Special Forces tire with one special mission unit cast with most performing the complex task classified in dangerous missions as directed by the National Command Authority.

Kenya Combat Application Group operators are selected from Kenya Army Special Operations Elite Spatial Forces Groups.

In fact the following results pop up, when you Google Special Forces Operational Detachment Force, the following results pop up.

The same source allege that the majority of the operation assigned to this code is classified and may never be known to the public however, details of some operations have become public knowledge.

In January 2020 This Special Operations Squad arrested senior Al-Shabab terrorists, allegedly the mastermind of the 2015 Mandela bus attack.

According to a senior military official whom we spoke with, told us that the said unit doesn’t not exist, at least not in Kenya.

Orangers’s parade at Thika Barracks.

According to reports he was arrested together with one of his associates outside the Jubiland Security Forces camp in southern Somalia.

One  of the blog’s follower said that,

Good documentary but a lot of misinformation. In the KDF, we have the SOR (Special Operation Regiment) which is high a command that overseas direct action for special operations forces such as the 20th Para, the 40 Rangers Strike Force and the 30 Special Forces. All these are special operation forces but none of them is even closer to the United State CAG (Combat Application Group) or Delta Force aka 1st SFOD-D which is a Tier 1 elite special forces. What you are trying to describe as KECAG is the 40RSF, the special operations forces modeled after the US Army Green Beret and the 75th Ranger Regiment but not CAG or ACE. Take it from me, I left the KDF in 2018 and there’s is nothing like KECAG. Its just an unofficial name used by bloggers when trying to compare KDF special forces with their US counterparts.

Thoma’s reply on Youtube’s video

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