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Did You Know The Differences Between Generic And Original Phones? Get To Know


Clone phones look like original phones in appearance. If the phone has come in a sealed box, check the serial number (IMEI NO). The numbers should match the numbers when you open the setting apps. If the specifications do not match, then the phone is possibly a clone.

Counterfeits phones may look identical to a genuine phone. When scrutinized keenly, there is a color difference, size of the phones, brand name, location of buttons, and spelling of brand name .Counterfeits copy all the designs of a genuine phone, but if you view the two phones genuine, you may be able to note the weight change there are missing or added functions and quality of print and print finish.

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Counterfeits phones have features like dual sim cards, analog TV. Check the genuine phone specifications you wish to buy and compare the specifications with the phone offered to buy. Counterfeits phone provides specifications that are not there i.e 8-megapixel camera, which is not there or GPS, which is not there . Counterfeits may differ from the genuine phone in memory capacity, screen quality, camera megapixels, and operating systems.


Clone phones are made from cheap or pirated operating systems.Counterfeits use cheap older chip sets, which function as a genuine phone but at a lower processing speed. Once you buy a fake phone, it starts misbehaving, i.e., low processing speed, small memory capacity than it was specified, .malfunctioning of installed apps,overheating and shutting on and off unexpectedly. Generally it has more inferior compared to the genuine phone. If not careful, a person can buy a counterfeit phone unknowingly as it resembles a real phone.