Everything You Need To Know About KDF Special Forces And They Are Allowed To Grow Beards, Dreadlocks

The threat of terrorism by religious and political extremists on societies throughout the world is creating a new global landscape where victory is not always measured by deploying superior forces onto a traditional battlefield.

For Kenya the very weapon of choice employed against this threat to peace and stability is Kenya Defense Forces Special Forces.

SF has a significant number of Special Operations Commandos drawn from the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Their mission is unconventional warfare a concept involving the strategic use of Kenya Special Forces against narco terrorists and state-sponsored terrorism.

Four of the most renowned units in the Special Operations community are the 40th Ranger Strike Force, 30th Special Force, Rapid Deployment Squadron and Special Boat Unit.

Identified by their professional reputation for aggression, these secret soldiers operate in a severe and classified environment requiring a commitment and expertise beyond the scale of traditional combat missions.

The war on terror is a byproduct of the political tensions of the 21st century, for KDF’s secret soldiers who are currently deployed in Somalia under AMISOM and Kenya volatile boarders under Department of Defense.

Modern battle fields can be about enforcing the peace as much as waging war.

“We're not fighting artillery, we're not fighting tanks, we're not fighting face-to-face with an enemy, we're fighting with an enemy that is established here and they're able to hide among the population.” SF Operator told kenyanvoice

Kenya Special Forces live among the local populace to earn trust and help create civil stability. Teams learn the local culture, identify the key political and military players and study the terrain.

Their beards and relaxed physical appearance are designed to reduce attention.

Life as a Special Operations Commando involves risk.

Training on the edge means that sometime, somewhere, someone goes over.

Life as a KDF Special Operations Commando involves risk

Training on the edge means that sometime, somewhere, someone goes over.

Pushing the envelope is always a gamble and the inherent dangers of this profession cannot be minimized nor protected against.

Any romance of the noble warrior fades quickly when vehicles break down, equipment fails or a man is injured.

There is nothing glamorous in overcoming the difficulties encountered from heat, cold or hunger.

Recovering from a mechanical breakdown can tax any man’s patience.

Often times there is nothing to do but work the problem and find the solution.

Special Operations is hard work with no room for complaining.

The fact is that dealing with frustration is part of the real world that Commandos often find themselves in.

Training for war can be tedious even more so when fatigue and time away from home can affect a man’s concentration.

Every KDF Special Force warrior is, after all, only human.

It is the success of the mission that drives these men forward, the belief that what they encounter in training will make them stronger in wartime.

Attitude is something that cannot be taught which is why over 70% of those who apply for Special Operations duties never make it through training.

The goal of training is to be as realistic as possible and unpredictable, keeping the men off balance but under control.

The bottom line is that sending in a force to rescue a hostage or kill an adversary is a mission with no room for error. Only the best make it.