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EXPOSED! How TSC Could be Spying Teachers Using ‘EU Banned’ Software, Teachers To Activate Custom Emails


Since the launch of Microsoft 365, it has attracted the attention of privacy campaigners over its Productivity Score feature.

Teachers Service Commission secretly purchased Microsoft 365 and created custom emails for every registered teacher in Kenya, in what it terms as measures it is taking to go paperless. This comes amid privacy concerns.

One tool that comes with Microsoft 365 is Productivity Score which uses telemetry (Telemetry is the automatic recording and transmission of data from remote or inaccessible sources to an IT system in a different location for monitoring and analysis) to enable employers like TSC to track the activities and performance of teachers.

Analysts argue that the analytics tool is a serious invasion of privacy, as it gives Teachers Service Commission (TSC) the ability to closely monitor teachers.

A professor and a privacy researcher described Microsoft 365 as “a full-fledged workplace surveillance tool”.

What TSC is not telling Teachers is that they are under such surveillance, TSC using  Productivity Score, it will be able to assigns a score out of 800 to teachers, and reports details such as how much time has been spent using different tools such as Word, Microsoft Teams or the now famous TSC email.

TSC can now analyze teacher’s activities at the individual level (!), for example, the number of days a teacher has been sending emails, using the chat, using ‘mentions’ in emails etc.

It doesn’t end there, Microsoft lures companies into sharing employee data with Microsoft in order to show them how their numbers compare to the numbers of other organizations.

As a result, Microsoft, a US Company owned by Bills Gate gets access to a massive stack of employee data across many organizations.

It’s due to these reasons why some European Countries banned use of Microsoft 365 in schools, actually it’s illegal for any school in Germany  to use it.

Teachers, Be Warned, You Are Being Watched.

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