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Google Unveils 3D Images Of Kenya’s First Courtroom Located in Nyeri

Inside Nyeri’s first courtroom. Photo/NMK

Unknown to many, a building still standing strong 96 years since it was built, houses Nyeri Museum under National Museums of Kenya.

The house, which is located in Rurung’u is a national monument having been built in 1924.

Outside Nyeri Museum. Photo/NMK

It stands to be the first courtroom in Kenya. After high rise of customary cases, elders couldn’t handle the cases, and Colonial government saw it is fit to have the building done. It took one year, and in 1925 it opened its door to the native Kikuyu’s that were living around the area.

After a surge of the number of cases, another hall had to be built to expand the capacity. One hall could handle customary cases and others could handle criminal cases like theft. It also tried Mau Mau members.

Inside Kenya’s First Courtroom. Photo/NMK

It’s during Mashujaa 2020, that Google partnered with National Museums of Kenya to showcase Kenya’s Culture and Arts “Utamaduni Wetu” Meet the People of Kenya initiative.

The program was launched in November 2019. “The government’s collaboration with Google has democratised access to Kenya’s rich cultural heritage and enabled more people to discover our culture and human connections in new, exciting, and interactive ways. It has also encouraged real-life visits to the country’s museums, monuments and heritage sites,” Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia, National Museums of Kenya DG said as quoted by CitizenTV

Its under this initiative that Google has introduced first 3D imaging technology in Kenya. Named Virtual Tour, these images brings you close to the subject both heartily and emotionally. Consider touring Nyeri Museum virtually in 3D here.

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