How 6 KDF Soldiers Founded Rangers Strike Force, One Of The Best Elite Squad In Africa

PHOTO | FILE KDF soldiers in Somalia earlier this year. A number of specially trained fighters deployed in Operation Linda Nchi have received training from the US 3rd Special Forces Group on hostage rescue operations, navigation, VIP escort and protection and swimming.

What you need to know:

  • The thick of things: within the process of compiling this tale over a few weeks, we spoke to top army brass and a number of the special operators who unfolded about their training. The findings are that Kenya’s elite forces are getting a few blend-and-match training from their US and united kingdom equivalents

In 2009, Captain Xavier Omondi of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) led a group of six to the united states army national guard (ARNG) Warrior training school at fort Benning, Georgia.

Their assignment become so secretive that not even their closest buddies within the military knew about it, and their arrival on US soil on August eight, 2009 was the second time is as a few years that Kenyan squaddies had stepped out for specialised Ranger training.

Those six individuals of the elite assignment would, months later, pioneer the Kenyan Pre-Ranger Programme.

After they came back, a Rangers Strike force (RSF) was set up, however its training and operations continue to be a nicely-guarded secret.

Nearly at the same time, some other elite unit, the special Forces (SF), was established, forming Kenya’s first special Operations force. The group, referred to as special Operations Regiment (SOR), is made up of the Rangers Strike force — recognized as 40RSF — and special Forces (SF) — known as 30S.

For the first time, we got access to Ranger’s training school based at Gilgil. Here is the story.