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How Life Is Inside GSU’s Magadi Field Training Campus


After leaving Embakasi, its time for field and tactics training at Magadi Field Training Campus, here instructors constantly reminded recruits, that they are there by their own choice but by the look of things it was not a friendly place to be in.

Imagine waking up very early in the morning for a road run. Here recruits could sleep while running, crushing and get injured. However this was not an excuse to keep off training, (’Kazi na dawa’) this saying meant that training was a mandatory even if it meant being taken to classes on a wheel chair.

Wearing that thick jungle green shirt, a smoke jacket, for camouflage and concealment we had sisal made sack at the top.

Even if one sweat to death, or stink you can’t dare take out any of them.  One must be ‘hard”.

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While seated on hot rocks and under the burning sun, we would take field craft theory lessons.

During these lessons, one wouldn’t dare to doze, if one was caught dozing, not just beating but forced to go up a steep hill with a basin full of water without a drop spilling down while also carrying your G3 rifle, find your way while running to the top of the hill, fire several blanks and then start coming down.

During practical’s, all manner of crazy exercises were conducted. No nonsense instructors from field craft, weaponry and tactics were just but merciless. There was nothing like “giving us a break.”

Training would even get tougher and ruthless, when a recruit either faint, or get an injury, Instructors were still saying that we are still ‘softies’ and needed some more ‘hardening’.

At Magadi a night did not mean time to go to sleep but time to just rest.

At the shooting range comes another hard life. Here instructors telling us we refused to listen to our mothers and here we had been left to learn from the world. Due to recoil effect from continuous firing of guns, faces would be swollen. Training must continue anyway.

At Magadi you learn how to use mortars, bombs, grenades, machine guns. Not forgetting, night operations and close quarters combat.

GSU and any other paramilitary or even military training is not for the faint hearted and requires one not to accumulate anger or keep a grudge. It’s not that serious. I mean it is very serious.

After months of continuous training recruits leave for Embakasi. Here they finalize on tactical training.

Soon after the last bit of the training we graduated.

After pass out, graduates were deployed to various GSU companies, Those who were identified as the best proceeded for another months of a commando course at the specialised training school in Ruiru after which they are absorbed into Reconnaissance (Recce) Company.


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