You Can Build a 3 Bedroom Bungalow Under 600k Using Precast Tech, See How [Complete Guide]

House, It’s in everyone wish list, owning a house in Kenya is one of the biggest milestones in ones life. While owning a home is something different altogether, having a house you call yours is pretty fulfilling.

But it comes with its own cost, more so if your financial stability is ‘sinosuidal’.

In this article I will take you through how you can build a three(3) bedroom house with 1 master en-suite cheaply in Kenya using the latest technology.

I’m talking about using precast technology. Its good to note that these alternative technologies aren’t obviously cheap, its their advantages we are tying to tap to favour us.

Unlike the common brick and mortar, a house built using precast technology can be ready for occupation in 4 weeks time. This will go far in saving your labour costs.

In this technology, walling is done off site, and then transported on site for assembling to form the skeleton house. Slab for flooring can also be casted off site.

If you want to save money, be the boss,foreman and the manager. Avoid professional construction companies if, saving money is your priority.


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Let’s get dirty now.

Points To Note:
Get the best design that will work for you, remember design will greatly influence the cost.
Buy materials in wholesale, and buy for yourself. Get them from big hardwares it will be cheaper.

Foundation depth depends on area, and should be determined on site.
U should use local labour force to dig trenches.
Put 600x 200mm reinforced concrete strip foundation on 50mm thick footing. Don’t compromise on this.
Then, a 80mm floor slab with A-142 BRC mesh on 500gauge polythene as DPM, on 100mm well compacted hardcore on thick sliding murram. Area under slab should be treated with anti-termite.
Foundation will cost you about Ksh 150,000.

We are using precast panels. A cheap 3 bedroom house master en-suite, 80-100 panels will do the walling in record time 5 days. No plaster is need. Therefore saving on labour cost.

One panel measures 0.605 meters (Width) x 90 millimeters (breadth) x 2.7 meters(height). But height depends on what you need. One panel goes for about ksh 2,000 to 2,200. If you do that mathematics, it will cost you about 200,000 to do the walling. Sounds Cheap? Definitely yes.

60 Pre-painted Box profile roofing sheets. At a price of ksh 1,000 each, it totals to about Ksh 60,000. In addition, 6pcs Valleys, 12pcs Ridges, Nails, Roofing Nails, Rubber washers 5 pkts. Including labour, it will cost you about Ksh 80,000 if the roofing is not fancy.
You will need about 70 Principal Rafters, 50 tie beams, Under purlins 40 pcs,15 pcs wall plates, 10 pcs Fascia board
It will cost you about Ksh 100,000 to roof the house.

Finishing works will take about 1 week. It include Doors and Windows. A budget of about Ksh 50,000 will complete that work.

And here we have our three bedroom house bungalow master en-suite. Interior finishing which involves plumbing, electrical works, flooring, tilling, ceiling and painting can be done later.

Stop paying rent. Occupy and do the finishing as time goes.
Total costs for the project is Ksh 600,000 without finishing.

If you are thinking of building a house, please consider consulting relevant professionals for more comprehensive details.
All the Best.

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