How You Can Build a Complete 3 Bedroom House In 3 Weeks Using New Technology, Cost Will Surprise You

The 3 bedroom house containing a 1 master en-suite bedroom, we built in Nyandarua using precast wall panel’s is what I would refer to a big success.

The owner was referred to the company that specializes in precast panels in the early days of January by a previous satisfied client.

The precast wall panel’s project location was in Nyandarua and the task was to get supply of the wall panels from Kajiando based factory.

The owner had seen other projects we had done and was thus satisfied with what we had done.

When we met with the client at a hotel in Ol Kalou we agreed on all the details including;

  1. The design
  2. The materials required
  3. Logistics
  4. Cost
  5. Delivery Timelines

Project Planning

After deliberation with him and our able team, we agreed to start the construction on 22/01/2020.

We arrived at that date to facilitate the production of the precast wall panels and also give the client ample time to lay the foundation.

We contacted the company and it kick-started production of these precast wall panels on 3/01/2020.

Nyandarua Precast Wall Panels Project Process

One of our fundi’s went to the factory where production of the wall panels had began in earnest and the plant manager of the factory was on site to oversee the process to fruition.

For this project we needed 118 panels. And this was done to completion within 14 days.

The whole process of concrete wall panel’s production entailed all aspects until the last point of curing and storing the panels. 

The factory had informed our fundi’s that, panels measurements were as follows 0.605 meters (width) * 90 millimeters (thickness) * 2.7 meters (height).

The production of the panels was to cost Ksh 251,576.

It is good to note that cost of precast wall panels just consume a fraction of the total cost of constructing your house/ structure.

Am telling you that these panels are a good value for your money all factors and other materials compared as I will elaborate below.

After the panels were ready, we received them on the construction site.

Construction Process

When the production of panels was ongoing, our fundi’s ware also laying the foundation in readiness for the precast wall panels fitting.

Now with the foundation ready and panels on site, the construction of the house started.

As we had agreed with our client, all procedures were followed to the letter so as to achieve our mission.

In a record 14 days, fitting of the panels and roofing had been completed, and it was time to embark on the interior and exterior décor.

Our able team of fundi’s embarked on this and just to let you know, this was also done in record time because wall panels do not require any plaster. And this process, which many know as Finishing, took about two weeks to complete and the results were amazing.

These works included plumbing works, electrical installation, floor tiling, ceiling Installation and paint works. On exterior works, paintwork, plumbing, solar water heater installation, electrical installation and a bit of landscaping.

We finalized on 24th/Feb/2020


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Our precast wall panel’s project total expenditure was Ksh 1.5 million for the complete house, this cost included everything, equipped kitchen with all equipment’s, bathrooms fitted with shower, solar heaters, electrical installation, executive furniture , wall cabinets etc.

The cost of the wall panels was Ksh 251,576 thousand about an 8th of the total cost of the project.

This is an indication that precast wall panels are the best alternative building material that you could use to bring up your house or any other structure.

Contact Global Precast On Facebook, or visit their factory Based in Kitengela to learn more.

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