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How to Choose The Best Type of Roofing Sheets


Roofing is like a sense, its common in every habitable building. Roofing doesn’t only shelter us from unfavorable climatic conditions, but it greatly influences the exterior appearance of your house. That’s said, your choice of roofing type is of paramount significance.

There are different types of roofing in Kenya, among them use of iron sheets commonly as ‘Mabati’, slabbing, Bitumen roof, Poly carbonate among others. Please allow us to focus on Iron sheets in this article.
If you are at roofing stage on your 3 bedroom bungalow, then this is an article for you as I take you through;

1.Best Types of Iron Sheets in Kenya

2. Factors to Consider Before Buying Iron Sheets

3. Best Iron Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers
Which Type of Iron Sheets Are The Best in Kenya?
Well this questions is very simple, and I will try to answer you in this way, there is no single type which can be said to be the best, because it entirely depends on your taste and preference. Here are different types that you will probably come across in various outlets. Design vary from one manufacturer to another.
a) Corrugated Iron Sheets/Ordinary Iron Sheets/Galvanized Iron Sheets.
Pre-painted are also available coming in various colors according to your taste.
See Picture Below

b) Oriental/Orientile type.
Comes in different colors.
See Picture Below

c) Versatile type.
See Picture Below

d) Box Profile.
See Picture Below

e) Covermax Box Profile.
See Picture Below

What Should You Consider Before Buying Iron Sheets?

Before ordering for your preferred type, you need to understand the following factors first, they will greatly determine how much you will dig deep into your pocket.
a) Size
When it comes to size we mean, both length and gauge. Iron Sheets comes in different lengths e.g 2 metres, 2.5 metres and 3 metres. Most manufacturers provide customers with option custom lengths on order. Cost increase with length. In Kenya, iron sheets are in Gauge 32, 30 and 28. The lower the gauge, the thicker the iron sheets, and the more expensive they are.
b) Cost
This is the most important factor, we should have started with it, but anyway. You will agree with me that you shouldn’t unnecessarily go for the cheapest iron sheets in the market, remember that saying, cheap is expensive? Good don’t experiment that.

Go for quality and not pricing.
In the next Article, we will break down the cost of various brands available in the market. Make sure you check back.
c) Color
There are various colors offered by different manufacturers. i.e Masai red, tile red, Safaricom green, grey e.t.c. depends on which you will order.

Which Are The Best Manufacturers and Suppliers in Kenya?

Don’t be tricked, all companies in Kenya relies on imported steel as Kenya has no single industry that mine and process iron according to http://www.industrialization.go.ke/index.php/vision-2030-manufacturing-sector/137-development-of-iron-and-steel-industry Ministry of industrialisation . That’s why I advise that don’t buy ‘name’ buy quality. One thing in common is all factories offer free transport.

Mabati Rolling Mills. They have wide range of quality products. Check out their products here https://mabati.com/

Royal Mabati Company. The company, in recent times has been accused https://kenyan-herald.com/royal-mabati-customers-get-their-refunds-after-kenyan-herald-expose/ of not honoring their promises, we don’t know how true the allegations are but you can check out their products here https://www.royalmabati.co.ke/

Imarisha Mabati. Check their Amazing products here https://imarishamabati.co.ke/
Among many others.