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How To Fill TSC TPAD2 Online [Step By Step Guide]


N/B: For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using a mock TPAD Account that can be accessed through the following steps;

  1. Open your browser (recommended  Chrome)
  2. In the type web address space type,
  3. It will open a TPAD portal.
  4. Click login and choose your designation
  5. Enter your details and login. [This is not a real TPAD account and its meant for practice only]



In this topic we’re going to cover the following areas.

  • The landing page
  • Starting/ creating an appraisal
  • Updating teaching standards

1. The landing Page

  • Upon successful login the teacher accesses the landing page. This page gives a snapshot view of all key activities that the teacher can do in the TPAD system. This page also contains the interface showing the teachers details, (name and Tsc number),  status of appraisal, Notifications and graphical representation of the termly and annual appraisal progress

The Key features include:

  • My Dashboard
  • Self Appraisal-
  • TPD
  • Appraisal reports



2.  How to Start/create a new appraisal

In Self appraisal, a teacher can perform the following function;

  • CREATE an appraisal Instance
  • SEARCH for appraisals (current and prior)based on TERM,YEAR and STATUS
  • VIEW previous/current appraisals
  • UPDATE appraisal instances

Step 1: click on the ‘Self Appraisals’ menu.

By clicking on the self appraisal menu, you will prompt the menu to collapse and reveal two sub-menus.

  • Self Assessment
  • Lesson observation.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Self assessment’ sub-menu. This action will

reveal the interface shown below.

  • The most important tab on this page is the ‘create New Appraisal’ tab.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Create New Appraisal’ tab

  • Once you click on the ‘Create New Appraisal’ tab you will be required to fill your appraisal details i.e. Appraisal year, Appraisal Term and eligibility.
  • NB:
    On the eligibility drop box there are two options; on duty and not on duty.
    – If you click ‘not on duty’ a new tab ‘give reasons’  will pop up. If you click on the tab it will drop a list of reasons and you can chose the one that applies to you.
    – At this point once you click ‘save appraisal’ your appraisal will be deemed completed/terminated and you cannot progress any further

Upon clicking the ‘save appraisal’ button, a new pop up window will show indicating ‘assessment details added successfully’ as shown.

  • Click OK to move on to the next step.

Step 4: After successfully adding your assessment details, an appraisal instance will be created and a new interface will be revealed showing the year, term, appraisal status, percentage completion, marks, date created and action button.

  • At this point you click on the action button ‘proceed to appraisal’ to begin updating your appraisal data.

At this point an appraisal instance has been created and the appraisee can update the assessment areas by  adding appraisal ratings, updating learners progress reports, viewing lesson attendance summary, and the appraisal status at any time.  

There are three assessment areas.

  • Teaching standard
  • Learners progress
  • Lesson attendance

Step 1: Click on the action button ‘Update standard’ that corresponds with assessment area 1; Teaching standards

On Clicking ‘update standard’ the interface below will show up

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘choose standard’ tab as shown.

On Clicking ‘Choose standard tab’ a drop down box will collapse to reveal the standards by institution.

Step 3: Click on the drop down box and select the institution type applicable to you.

  • Step 4: Once the appraisee has chosen the standard by institution, he/she shall click on the action tab ‘proceed to standards’ as shown.

Step 5:

At this point the appraisee will be presented with the interface below.

On this interface the appraisee has the option of downloading an excel form of the appraisal to be filled offline or ;

proceed with the online appraisal by clicking on the action tab ‘New Rating’.

On clicking ‘New Rating’  The  new interface shows a list of targets and against each target there are columns for the max weight, appraisee weight, Likert scale and an action tab to add weight.

Step 6: To update the rating for the  target, click on the action button ‘Add Weight

On clicking the ‘add weight’ button,  a window pops up that allows the appraisee to enter the following fields

  • actual weight attained in the specific target.
  • Gap category and sub-category for the target
  • Add comments on the target
  • Upload the evidence for the target

This window also contains detailed information on the following

  • Performance indicators
  • Verifiable evidence

Step 8: once done with one standard you can  proceed to the next standard by clicking on ‘Next Standard’ button

On clicking the ‘next standard’ button you will repeat steps 5 to 8 until all the  5 standards are done.


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