How To Install CCTV Cheaply in Kenya, Cost Breakdown

When you think of Starting a business, security system must be your first priority. Either it is where your business is located, or in terms to human capital to make sure you keep thieves at bay. Thieves could be also your own employee(s).

Catching up with them, installing a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) should be option number one, well it shouldn’t be like starting another business. It should be as cheap as it is. We break down for you what you need to have CCTV cameras at your disposal.

To ensure quality services, its good you engage a qualified personnel to do the installation. You should note that in some jurisdictions, you may need licensing to install these cameras. So its wise you familiarize yourself with local laws in your area.
These estimates are for instructional purposes ONLY. 

Cost and Items Breakdown.

1. Camera @ 1500 (multiply by the number of cameras you need).

2. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) (for 4 cameras @6500,   for 8 cameras @8500, for 16 cameras @14000
3. Hard Disk (500GB @4500, 1TB @6000
4. Power Supply ( power supply for 4 cameras @2500, power supply for 8 cameras @3500, power supply for 16 cameras @4500)
5. Monitor @3500 upwards depending on size.

6. Connection cable. 30/- per meter. (Total meters depends on the number of cameras, and the distance between each camera and the DVR)
7. Cable trunks each @100/-(total number of trunks depends on the total size of the cable divide by 3.5 meters (size of each trunk)).
8. DC connector @20/- each. (Multiply)by the number of cameras because each camera uses one DC connector )
9. BNC connectors @30/- each. (Multiply this by 2 and by the number of cameras. Each camera uses two)
10. Installation cost 10000. This can go high if the cables are to be dug underground.

These are for educational purposes, you should contact a technician for professional advice.

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