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How To Join Highly Trained RECCE Squad 2021


GSU Reconnaissance Squad commonly known as RECCE is an elite police unit which is based in Ruiru in the outskirts of Nairobi.  When spotted they are usually armed with M16 rifles, Israel’s Uzi sub machine guns and pistols. It’s in the wish list of many to join this unit which is highly respected. Recce is a reinforcement unit, and the unit is involved in operations that require the highest level of attention.

But how can you join this Elite Squad?

Recruit’s, are selected after countrywide recruitment held at all sub county headquarters across the country. 

Its good to note emphasis that during selection process, physical shape and ability of all applicants are tested under stringent conditions after which the best among them are selected for basic training at GSU Training School Embakasi. The required age for recruits is 18-28 years.

After months of basic training at GSU Training School, recruits leave for another brutal specialized paramilitary training at Magadi.

Those identified as the best of the best proceeded for another months of an elite Israeli designed commando course at the specialised training school in Ruiru. After successful completion of the training, they are absorbed into commando units of the crack Reconnaissance (Recce) Company.

 At Ruiru and abroad, they undergo training in VIP protection, explosives handling and detonation explosives, security of vital installations, anti-terrorism, sky marshal (the counter terrorism unit on board commercial flights) and rescue operations.

They are then deployed into any of the sub units of the Recce Company according to their area of specialization.

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