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Inside The Most Secretive KDF Unit That First Get to The Enemy Undetected


Among the most highly secretive units in Kenya Defense Force is Long Range Surveillance (LRS) unit. It is part of the Special forces consisting of highly trained commandos.

Its highly trained men and women, carry out difficult long range secret surveillance missions, often in small units because a success is not an option to them. One of their main purposes includes gathering information behind enemy lines where it would be difficult for convectional soldiers can’t access.

Their job is to track down and identify enemy hideouts and camps for ambush.

Sunday Nation’s statement read in part, “The unit can also be used in tracking high value enemy operatives for elimination or with the objective of collecting intelligence.”

Commandos drawn from this Unit are trained to do small unit long range surveillance patrol on the ground inside enemy’s territory without being noticed. These soldiers mostly conduct the missions on foot and have to perfect the art of camouflage on all kinds of terrain to avoid enemy retaliation attacks in a hostile area.

These elite soldiers must get to the heart of the enemy undetected, and collect all the relevant information such as the residence of an enemy commander, their armory and possible weapons, location of enemy units their size and strength.

This deadly unit is not for all, most of the good soldiers don’t make it to the unit, only the best of the best makes it. Most of its operations and activities are not only physically draining but also psychologically. Its operations need a lot of mental and physical strength.

When they get the information they relay the same to the units carrying out the attacks such as Long Range Artillery Unit or KDF rangers.

LRS Unit is one of the most equipped units in Kenya, they are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like satellite phones, laser pointers for drones, GPS transmitters and radio’s.

They have an opportunity to train alongside Americans and Britons in Kenya and outside Kenya.