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KDF’s Elite Units Where Officers Are Deployed After Pass Out

They’re regarded as the cream of the KDF the best of the best. everybody aspiring to enroll in this elite family has to go through extreme physical and mentally draining course that last for sixty two days- three years depending on the unit and those courses register the highest number of dropouts leave alone medicine and engineering handiest 15% of the initial number of recruits do complete the course…and that is how is supposed to be!!.

An easy way of describing an officer/commander deployed in the Kenya elite units is a commander who commands commandos!!! (Valuable) the elite units of the KDF are deployed to a number of the most hostile regions to conduct a number of the most risky and life threatening operations a number of which are a guarded secret by the military.

A number of the operations they’ll be tasked to conduct encompass raids, anti-terrorism & anti-piracy operations, rescue and hostage operations, reconnaissance operations, intelligence gathering, offering emergency field medical care, VVIP protection amongst different roles. Some of the elite units inside the KDF consist of

  •     30th Special Forces regiment
  •     40th rangers strike force
  •     20th paratroopers’ commandos
  •     Clearance and driving unit CDU
  •     Army Recce
  •     Army Snipers (Ghosts)
  •     138th Search and Rescue squadron “PJs”
  •     Combat Divers

138th Search and Rescue Squadron official insignia with their motto being, “we’re all mad you know!”

Combined team of 30th Special Forces and 40th Rangers conducting a beach assault codenamed operation sledge hammer, in the coast of Kismayo and these units were the first ones in Africa to ever carry out such an operation on the Africa soil, no other African military had conducted such kind of an operation before.