Kenyan Army Training; What the Training Involves

Kenya Army recruits, undergoes the vigorous training conducted at the Army’s training camps helps the troops poses the ability to counter attack in various forms, ways and at any time.

According to reports, training involves physical training on self-defence, being trained on how to use various weapons, how to survive in adverse conditions and basically, how to manage disasters in different levels.
KDF recruits join Kenya recruits training school located at the Moi Barracks in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. KDF conducts an annual recruitment process where young men and women voluntarily join the training. Its a patriotic call towards ones nation.

The training at the recruits training school in Eldoret, ensures that the recruits come out polished in and for various fields, in readiness to serve and protect the country.
As a feature of the advantages accumulated to the training at the military camps, once one completes the training, the government ensures that all their trainees are equally employed, depending on their various capabilities.

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“There are some who join the Kenya Army, some join the Kenya Navy and others join the Kenya Air Force where each person receives further special training in relation to their specific fields.”

As one keeps on serving the nation in the military, there is frequent training which one might be called upon from time to time. Recently, the troops have been receiving training on how to combat terror and how to detonate Internally Explosive Devices and more training in relation to the fast growing technology.