Local Senator, Nitakung’oa HIZO MENO! Eric Omondi Badly Insult ‘Kale’ Senator Cheruiyot

Comedian Eric Omondi and his “wife material” show cast had been on Friday morning released from central Police Station in Nairobi on a police bond after spending the night time in custody.
Omondi and his team participants have been all freed on Sh50,000 police bond however will appear in courtroom on Thursday, March 18, to stand charges over alleged production of explicit content material not approved through the Kenya film classification Board (KFCB).

Among the politicians thats took issue with Eric Omondi’s show was Outspoken Kericho Senator Aron Cheruiyot who said what Eric is doing is simply not Art and he seriously need help.

This however, didn’t oscillate well with Eric Omondi, where he told off the Senator and told him to stick to his lane, and stop campaigning using his name. This is what Eric said.

DR. Ezekiel Mutua is a moral cop and has the moral authority to address me and we have talked with him and agreed amicably. But this THIEF has no moral authority to address me. Where does a local senator get the audacity to address the PRESIDENT of an entire CONTINENT. Bwana Cheruiyot naona umeanza ku campaign na kutafuta kura na Jina yangu, fanya tu kazi utakua sawa bro. Stay on your lane YOUNG MAN ama ntakuja hapo nikungoe hizo MENO NONSENSE

Its often considered as racial insult when one tells a person who is ethnically a Kalenjin “nitakung’oa meno”

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