Man Nyari Reveals How He Secretly Uses DCI Officers in His Kameme FM Morning Show

Man Nyari hosting President Uhuru Kenyatta during a previous morning show. Photo/ Courtesy

Njuguna Gicheha popularly known as Man Nyari, joined Kameme FM as a lead actor in a then, most popular radio play that was referred to as ‘Micii Ni Ndogo’ .

His popularity however grown exponentially and was employed by Mediamax to co-host a breakfast show called ‘Arahuka’ that was hosted by Njogu Njoroge HSC.

When Njogu left the station for Gukena FM, Man Nyari joined Gatonye Wa Mbugua in a morning programme which was very popular among Kikuyu listeners and still it does.

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Man Nyari also co-hosted night show ‘Mawatchmen’ alongside Kamau Wa Kamlesh.

But as fate would have it, he was among the 170 employees sacked by Media Max last year. However, his huge audience would not let him go, Media Max management later reversed the decision after listeners caused havoc online threatening to never listen to Kameme FM/TV.

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Man Nyari’s popular programme, Njanjo ya Muturire (The Dose of Life), is one of the most followed programme in Kenya. It focuses on disadvantaged Kenyans, and often seek well-wishers help to uplift them by offering contributions to them.

Emotional moments as family reunion made possible through Man Nyari’s show.

The always emotional part of the show is when he unites and re-unites families who have been separated. This is the part where Man Nyari has revealed that, he occasionally seeks help from intelligence officers, and DCI officers to solve complex situations.

He said this when he was hosting the Saturday show where he is trying to reunite a family from Nakuru. A lady who is from Kalenjin community was trying to get Man Nyari’s help to locate her Kikuyu mother.

It was emotional to watch the reunion made possible. Man Nyari revealed it has not been easy and thanked DCI officers for always helping him out, he also revealed he has agents all over who assists him in the searches. Man Nyari is a renowned Gospel Artist.

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