Meet The Mysterious Hill In Kenya Where Water Flows Uphill

Kituluni hill is Located in Machakos County  a town in Eastern Kenya it is about 60 kilometers from Nairobi. Kituluni hills has attracted many people both from abroad and locally due to its uniqueness. It is located 12 km from Machakos town whereby one passes from mtituni to kivutini.

Kituluni hills has unique distinction of being one of the places in the world where water flows upwards. There has been many theories explaining the reason as to why this water flows upwards. One of the theory is scientific theory and the other one is traditional belief.

According to the  Kamba community they believed that a long time ago, the native Kamba people used to make sacrifices to their ancestors on the hill to appease the ancestors and seek favors from them, such as bringing rain ,blessing community and casting out evil spirits.

This theory has something to do with the mystical powers that the place supposedly holds. According to the kamba community they believeds that walking around the hill seven times, can turn a man into a woman or woman to man although nobody have come across man who turned to woman or woman to man in this community.

The mystery of gravity defying powers does not stop with water flowing uphill. Numerous tourists both local and abroad visit this particular place for Hiking purposes.
Curios myth chasers have found that while driving uphill, cars accelerate beyond the usual acceleration of the car as if they were driving down hill, and that a car packed in free gear will actually roll uphill.

Some theories have suggested that due to strong magnetic forces, a magnetic fiend in one square kilometer around the hill where the strange phenomenon is experienced is responsible for overpowering the force of gravity.


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