Meet The Only Two Civilians Training The Most Deadly Police Unit In Kenya

Elite units during Dusit Attack. Courtesy

The fight against counterfeit and contraband goods by the DCI might have been a bitter pill for a few rogue traders but a huge blessing for many who do honest business.
The campaign has won the hearts of many hardworking investors and brought smiles on their faces. Two such businessmen are Mr Ibrahim Ndung’u and Mr Sammy Onyango, a certified firearms instructor and CEO of Triple Tap Range Ltd.

As part of giving back to society, Mr Ndung’u teamed up with authorised gun dealer Onyango to offer free training to Anti-Terrorism Police Unit personnel on counterterrorism to equip them with skills to fight terrorists.

Mr Onyango, the CEO of Triple Tap Range Ltd, is the lead trainer while Mr Ndung’u is an instructor. Mr Ndung’u hires additional international gun trainers from America and South Africa. Since October 2019, the team has trained 25 ATPU officers.

More officers are lined up for the training.
Mr Ndung’u through his company SEAgas Ltd supports the training, hiring of the instructors, provision of equipment and combat gears. “Onyango and I have partnered with the DCI to train their emergency response teams on tactical, proficiency, proper handling and use of firearms,” he said.

He added: “We also train them on combat skills and counterterrorism attacks.” The two plan to roll out the project to other countries in Africa. Both are members of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and they are certified international firearms instructors.

The training is done at the Kedong Shooting Range in Naivasha, NGAO Shooting Range in Kiambu, Bamburi Rifle Club in Mombasa and in Ngong.

“I came up with this programme to give back to society. Many businesses that were on the verge of collapse due to greed got a new lease of life after the DCI waged war on counterfeit and contraband goods,” Mr Ndung’u said.

He added: “It’s my desire to ensure the DCI is well trained and equipped to combat and prevent terrorism.” Mr Onyango, who is a former Vice Chairman of National Gun Owners Association (NGAOKenya), said he has attended various trainings abroad to acquire skills on being a proficient firearms instructor.

In addition, he has since 2017 participated in international shooting competitions in Kenya, Hungary, Thailand and America and won awards. “I won the African Champions shooting competition in the SSP category,” he said.

He said the training of ATPU officers was meant to sharpen their skills on shooting and fighting terrorists. “These are officers who are already trained and equipped. Our work is to polish them up and bring them up to speed on modern methods on shooting and combat. I train them for free,” Mr Onyango explained.

He said the private-public partnership was healthy since citizens transferred knowledge and skills to DCI officers. He thanked Mr Kinoti and ATPU chief John Gachomo for giving them an opportunity to serve the country through the DCI.

“More companies should come up to support SEAgas Ltd in boosting the DCI in the fight against terrorism,” he appealed.
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