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New Details Emerge After Latest TSC Announcement

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The Latest details released by Teachers Service Commission(TSC), have deepened the discussion about when schools are opening. Teachers Service Commission has revealed that teacher to be employed under permanent and pensionable terms will report on 4th January, 2021.

“The timelines for the recruitment of teachers have been reviewed as shown. Successful applicants will be informed about the venues of the interviews by county officers. Report any fraudsters to any TSC office or the nearest police station,” TSC said in a Twitter post https://mobile.twitter.com/TSC_KE/status/1311566476873170945  seen by Kenyan Voice.

This comes just after Education CS Prof. George Magoha affirmed that it’s time our children should go back to school while he had appeared before Education Committee in the National Assembly.

”I cannot give you a definite date, but I can assure you that it is time to reopen Learning Institutions because we do not expect any much difference now. We have to ask ourselves what will be different in January 2021, if there won’t be much difference, we need to move towards a consensus to reopen schools as soon as possible.” Said Magoha

TSC has reviewed the timeline and roadmap for september 2020 recruitment. In their statement announced that selection of successful candidates will be done at county level unlike previous years when, the interviews were carried out by Board of Management.  County officers have been given mandate of informing successful Candidates. On 30th September, TLC confirmed that it had not cancelled the ongoing recruitment.

“TSC has not cancelled the ongoing recruitment of teachers. We wish to advise applicants and the public to be vigilant of individuals and social media accounts that specialize in spreading fake news,” TSC Said. https://mobile.twitter.com/TSC_KE/status/1311195803390746624