(Photos) Historical Healing of Lunatic Man Kinyuru Mungai.

Repentance and Holiness Ministry is a unique Ministry that is Lead by the Mightiest Prophets of the Lord, Dr David Edward Owour. This Ministry begun year 2004 and it was established by the Lord Himself.

Dreadful Cloud of God visit His Servant

The Mightiest Prophets of the Lord begun announcing the Coming of the Messiah and rebuking church all over the world and asking the church to stop every kind of sin they are committing.

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Ever since the Lord sent His Mightiest Servants a lot. of Miracles begun to happen all Over the globe including Healing of HIV and Aids, Healing of leprosy, healing of the blind, dump,cripples walking all over the globe and many others including Miracles of Creation.

Prophet owuor interviewing healed boy in a healing service meeting

One of the biggest miracles is the Healing and total restoration of lunatic man called Kinyuru Mungai. Kinyuru Mungai was born in kiambu county ,Githunguri sub county , Îkinû division and in Karia sub division. He was born by Mary waithera Mungai. He was well know for roaming all the towns in Kenya.

Before and after healing

Kinyuru Mungai said that he has been a lunatic for 10 years in Naivasha. He was moving all towns in Kenya including Nakuru town collecting every kind of garbage and Plastics all over the Country. According to kinyuru He says that He was used to sleep anywhere he find including bushes, and also in culverts.

Mungai being interviewed after healing

Speaking with Jesus is Lord radio Kinyuru Mungai  says that He has now been restored fully by the single powerful  decree of the Mightiests Prophets.

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