(Photos) How To Build A 3 Bedroom House With Ksh 800,000 In Kenya—Testimony

Most Kenyans are struggling to put up a house they will call home due to financial constraints.  Here is an illustration of how I managed to build a three bedroom house with Ksh800,000.  

Its not mythical, with 800k even if it is a loan you have secured you can actually build a 3bedroom house you will call home.

One common challenge with people is that they end up being conned a lot of money in the process, they decide to engage the so called professional contractors. My Friend if u have your own plot, be a hands on kinda guy.

Get the people to do the trenches yourself. Promise, it will not cost you more than 10k at most.

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Go to your local market and buy materials in bulk, trust me the most you can spend on 3 bedroom house, foundation including slabing is 200k.

This includes labor. And for your information a week is more than enough for the Slab to cure.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Time is money, you should start the courses immediately. Be the foreman or at least delegate that to a person who will go to bed with the fundis, if they can’t do 120ft per day, tell them not come the following day.

It means that if the house is 9 courses up, in one day the fundi (s) is /are supposed to do 3 course daily.

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Simple mathematics will tell you that, within three days your house is at lintel.

Up to this point you will have spent anything not less than 100k to 150k.

After you have done the lintel, I will advise you to get a good carpenter. Some carpenters can be very lazy if entertained. Watch out.

Not less than 200k will go the roofing.

As this is happening more than 50k will have spent in welding, as windows and door get ready.

Get a plumber to do the simple water connection, remember if we had a lot of money, we could not be minding, but now it’s not there, we work with the little which is available. Budget being 800k.

More than 50k on this work.

With the plaster done, get into the house. Those other finishing like cabinets, wardrobes, gypsum ceiling or otherwise will not prevent you from occupying the house, they can be done later.

If you don’t have millions to do the house completely, follow my advise and you will not continue paying rent in the name of not having enough money to do a complete multimillion mansion.

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