Photos: Kenyan Woman Builds Three Bedroom House From Selling Chips

After sharing her journey to home ownership on the Facebook groups Builders Forum Kenya and Dream Homes, a Kenyan woman has become an inspiration.

Maria Nairesiaey, a woman identified only as Maria, described how she began construction work in 2011. However, she did not complete the house until 2020.

“Today, I’d like to encourage someone. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how small or large they appear to be. It took me nine years to realize this dream. Construction began in 2011 and will be completed in 2020. Three-bedroom, three-bathroom, three-bathroom, three-bathroom “My income comes from kuuza (selling) chips, and I have a strong desire to own my own home,” she explained.

She explained that she found a reliable hardware trader with whom she reached an agreement that she would send money in small increments and, once it reached a certain amount, she would purchase construction materials until the project was completed.

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She explained, “Whenever the account ran dry, I would take a break, save, and then resume construction.”

But How Much Could Have Costed Her To Built The House?

Maria said in the Builders Forum that the construction process taught her to save money. She estimated that the construction process cost cross top Sh. 4 million.

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