Popular Artist Samidoh Marries A Second Wife, Controversial City Politician

Samidoh is a household name, the popular Kikuyu musician started his professional career as a musician in 2016 when he recorded his first hit song Ndiri Mutwe Mwega, which loosely translates to My Head Isn’t Straight.

As we speak, the song has amassed more than 2.9 million views on the YouTube which is a rare thing for Kikuyu songs. His fashion of music is a one-man guitar. Samidoh plays the guitar and is backed up by a drummer and vocalist.

Here is a sneak peak of Samidoh’s profile

  • Name: Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu
  • Place of birth: Subukia, Nakuru County
  • Year of birth: 1990
  • Age: 30 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Edith Muchoki
  • Profession: Musician, General Duty Police Officer

And now to our business of the day, being famous isn’t easy, all your life is under constant surveillance by all and sandry. In all interviews, Samidoh has constantly maintained he’s married to his highschool girlfriend Edith Muchoki, in which they have children.

Unknown to many, Samidoh like other men has also got have another “apple” somewhere, and she is no other than Controversial politician Karen Nyamu.

For those who might have not heard about her, she unsuccessfully vied for Nairobi women rep in 2017, that’s an indication she has money, and a lot of it for that matter.

In a video she posted on her Instagram account, Samidoh is seen holding their child, and Karen is heard telling Samidoh,

Babe kwani uko na game leo”

We wish them a happy life😍💯❤️