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Meet Navy’s Commandos From Clearance Diving Unit (CDU), Are They Just Overrated?


The Kenya Defence Forces is made up of Kenya Army, Kenya Navy and Kenya Air Force. 

They all operate in an open manner, with each being accountable and responsible in their operations, they work cohesively in defending the country against external aggression and sea-borne, air-borne and land based threats.

Kenya Navy was established on 12th December 1964 as the maritime branch of the Kenya Defence Forces.

Headquartered in Mombasa with other bases at Msambwebi, Kilifi, Shimoni, Malindi and Manda.

Kenya Navy base at Mtongwe is the oldest establishment and their logistics base.

Kenya Navy is mandated to ensure that Kenyan waters are safe from piracy, sea-borne aggression and any other contraband issues, Kenya Navy has evolved into various departments which help facilitate its operations.

One of elite units in Kenya Navy is Clearance Dividing Unit (CDU) a very important component of the forces naval branch.


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The highly trained soldiers that are members of Clearance Dividing Unit (CDU) are responsible for deep sea diving, parachute dropping, explosive disposal, lifesaving and others as called for from time to time.

After going through intense physical and warfare training, it takes courage and bravery in their operations the unit was transformed and changed from Ships Diving Section to now Clearance Diving Unit (CDU).

The do beach survey, conduct parachute droppings, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and conduct underwater inspection.

This underwater job is not for the everyone, for one to join the Clearance Diving Unit (CDU),  soldiers drawn from Kenya Navy go through endurance tests and training to ensure they are fit for the job.

Do you think it is well equipped or just overrated?