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Revisiting Manda Bay Attack ~ Was US Honest By Claiming KDF Hid In Bushes?

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US criticised the Kenya Defence Forces over the January 5 attack at Camp Simba in Manda Bay.
New York Times, wrote that KDF soldiers hid in the grass (I still doubt this) during the attack that left three US Citizens killed when al-Shabaab attacked the base.

In an article published by New York Times, it stated “Many of the local Kenyan forces, assigned to defend the base, hid in the grass while other American troops and support staff were corralled into tents, with little protection, to wait out the battle.”

The article drawn criticism from the Kenyans and government due to the manner in which it painted the KDF soldiers. (even if it is true, that was not supposed to have been said by them)
These international western media has been criticised in the past for always painting the African continent in bad light especially when covering Western interests in the continent.

As a result of the attack, a US service member and two contractors were killed.
The Media house published the article that further insinuated that the Americans believe that the terrorists may have been assisted by Kenyan workers at the camp.

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The article reads in part, “Investigators are looking at the possibility the attackers had help from Kenyan staff on the base. The performance of the Kenyan security forces during and after the battle frustrated American officials.”

It went on to claim that Kenyans announced they had captured six al Shabaab, but they all turned out to be “bystanders and were released.”

New York Times in its publication said that, on the morning of the attack, contractor pilots Dustin Harrison, 47, and Bruce Triplett, 64, were taxiing their Beechcraft King Air 350 on Manda Bay’s tarmac.

“They throttled down their engines, according to one person familiar with the attack. The two men reported that they saw animals darting across the runway.”
The publication added that, “They were wrong. The animals were in fact Shabab fighters, who had infiltrated the base’s outer perimeter — a poorly defended fence line — before heading to the base’s airstrip.”

New York Times said that as the twin-propeller Beechcraft, loaded with sensors and video equipment for surveillance, began to taxi, the Shabab fighters fired a rocket-propelled grenade into the plane, killing Harrison and Triplett.
“With the plane on fire, a third contractor, badly burned in the rear of the aircraft, crawled out to safety.”

Did US gave an Honest version of their story? Or was it driver by the fact that Kenya did not have casualties in the attack? Or was it just a tactic to shift blame to Kenyan Forces to avoid questions from US government?.

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