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System of Proof Under Sharia Law


Sharia law is an Islamic legal system. It is aimed at helping Muslims to understand how they should leave and interact according to God’s wishes. In Islamic law, the proof is an evident indication of the commission of a crime by a person or a group of people. Proof for a conviction differs from one offense to another. For example, some cases require two witnesses while others need four witnesses, such as adultery cases.

The System of Proof

Confession by the offender

A judge usually ignores the first three pieces of literation of such a confession. The confession becomes legally binding after being repeated freely four different times and that the accused must;
• assume the confession by personally
• be beyond puberty at the time of confession
• be sane at the time of confession
• not be a slave
• confess to the act four times, and
• not revoke the confession before the penalty is imposed.


Testimony is always given by witnesses. These are people who were at the scene of the crime and saw the wrong being done by the accused. However, for one to be a witness, he/she must;
• be an adult
• be sane
• be male as females are not considered as witnesses
• have integrity
• testify in person
• be a Muslim
• not be a slave
• not get into conflict with the accused
Also, all four witnesses must testify for the case of adultery.

sharia law

Oath Taken By the Accused

Some crimes are legally proven through oath-taking. For example, ‘casemate. Fifty solemn oaths are taken by the claimant to prove a punishable crime

Therefore, Through sharia laws, Muslims have been able to uphold their traditions and culture. Other religions should emulate the Muslim religion and regulate rules to govern them.