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TSC Promotions 2020 Under CPGs

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Career Progress Guidelines is the Teachers Service Commission’s guiding document on teacher career advancement. It details how teacher can be promoted to the next grade and requirements needed thereof.

It’s not in doubt, TSC replaced previous ‘Schemes of Service’ with Career Progression Guidelines to be able to dictate teachers better and with ease.

Now that promotion of teachers is purely based on teacher’s conduct in school. “Teacher takes personal responsibility for his/her professional/career development,” notes the document.

Unlike previous ‘Scheme of Service’ where a teacher would be promoted automatically after serving for three years in a certain grade, this scheme eliminate automatic promotions.

Promotions are now subject to the following conditions.

TSC has to advertise for available vacancies, that is if you are Secondary Teacher II, and you are seeking to be promoted to Secondary Teacher I, you will have to wait for vacancies to be advertised first.

One must possess the minimum qualifications in that grade as per TSC regulations.

Relevant Teacher Professional Development(TPD) modules. These are prescribed professional development programmes developed by TSC.

Relevant Experience for example, one must have served for at least three years in the current grade.

Satisfactory performance, as gauged by the school Principal.

Career Progress Guideline booklet provides you with the grading structure, job titles, qualifications and the requisite experience for teachers to move from one job grade to another. It also captures the job specifications and descriptions. You can Download it here.

Grades under common cadre, School Principal had to fill and submit this form on behalf of the teacher. See Form Here

Application for advertised vacancies is done here Currently there is no available vacancies, keep on checking, TSC will always advertise for available vacancies in all media platforms.

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