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‘What I Went Through During GSU Paramilitary Training,’ An Insider’s Perspective


When one reported to the training school at Embakasi, the first two weeks are marked with what the instructors refer to as ‘kutoa Uraia’, this literally means removing the ‘civilian mindset’ and inserting ‘an officer mindset’.

This includes how to making bed, cleaning the barracks, scrubbing pavements, walking, shaving our hair, among others.

It is here where you meet what I can readily call hell on earth.

You come across all manner of abusive language. During training, Instructors would practically call you anything including references to your mother without caring.

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You will be surprised that, an instructor would be a pastor on Sunday but someone very different when you met at the drill square, or even in the in the barracks.

After being placed into squads, very early in the morning, it’s to wake up, get into tracksuits ready for a road run.

“In song and dance we would run in darkness several kilometers to and from a distance that the squad in charge felt that was the best. We would then get back to the training school some minutes to six, go to the armory pick our rifles, have our breakfast, get into our well ironed uniforms and boots and then proceed for inspection.”

During inspection, the instructors were merciless and required only the highest standards. Recruits with desired grooming standards would proceed to the drill square.

This is where comedy has no place, here instructors were not jokers and anyone who missed a step during the matching found the going rough.

From a rough time doing drills, it was time for classes where we were taught signals, police practical theory, skills at arms, combat tactics amongst other courses, and physical training.

Martial arts, Tae kwondo, log exercises and even obstacle crossing were no joke.  Not able to complete these tasks attracted a merciless reaction as we had brutal instructors who never gave laxity a chance.

At night some instructors would sneak into the barrack unnoticed, here was another problem, recruits were supposed to shout ‘UP’ in case one was spotted and bring them to attention.

Here, failure to notice them attracted all manner of harassment at times, this would mean that we stayed up all night where one could have ended to having not slept not even for a single minute.

It was after months of basic training at GSU Training School Embakasi, that it was time to leave for another months of brutal, field paramilitary training at Magadi Field Training Campus.

Here is where the real definition of training is understood.

Here is what Happens Inside Magadi Field Training Campus

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