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Why Gun-Salute Is Done Using G3 Riffle And Not AK47


Like it is in all cultures, the dead are given a respectful burial within the disciplined forces.

During burial ceremonies involving military or police are carried out following certain procedures.

After the casket has been lowered into the grave, gun salute is fired

The firing party is made up of an odd number of members drawn across all the ranks depending on the rank of the departed officer.

In the Military, rifle muzzles are pointed upwards over the casket, the party fires between 20-50 rounds of ammunition for a private soldier up to a colonel.

But have you ever asked yourself why in Kenyan burials, the G3 riffle is the one used and not AK47 riffle?

Here is why,

The intention here is the firing, and not wastage of bullets, and for your information no single bullet is fired. They use blank star/cartridge, it does not have a bullet. The neck has the shape of a bullet and is crimp-closed. Used in rifles and machine guns fitted with blank firing attachments for training of personnel and regimental salutes.

In Kenya Ammunition Production is done by Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation in Eldoret which is owned by Department of Defence.

KOFC doesn’t not produce blank cantridges for AK47 riffle or even its ammunitions.

This explains why in most cases training is done using G3, Machine Guns, M60, M240 and FN Scar, because they produce ammunition’s for these riffles cheaply.

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