Zambia Showcases Sophisticated Israeli, Russian Weapons, KDF Worried?

During a demonstration in the capital Lusaka, the Zambia National Defence Force displayed hitherto unseen military weapons, including truck-mounted mortars and armoured personnel vehicles.

Half a dozen SPEAR Mk 2 mobile mortar systems installed on Tata LPTA 713TC 444 military vehicles were among the armaments on show during the parade. Elbit Systems’ SPEAR is a 120 mm soft-recoil mortar that is mounted on a vehicle.

The SPEAR Mk 2 is an updated version of the battle-tested Spear mortar system. For autonomous operation, the modular mortar system enables for the integration of command and control systems. In comparison to its predecessor, the system has a longer barrel and a strong recoil reduction capabilities. The system can be placed on HMMWVs, jeeps, and other wheeled vehicles that can be quickly deployed.


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Elbit Systems Atmos M-46 self-propelled howitzers were another Israeli-supplied weapon that was not known to be in Zambian military service.

The Atmos M-46 is equipped with a Russian M-46 130 mm howitzer with a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute and a maximum range of around 38 kilometers, which is mounted on a TATRA chassis with an armoured cab. In the march, six people were observed.

Rapier surface-to-air missile systems towed by Saymar Musketeer 444 armoured vehicles, BM-21 multiple rocket launchers, BRDM-2 armoured cars, BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers, WZ-551 armoured personnel carriers, Ratel infantry fighting vehicles, PT-76 amphibious tanks, Type 59 main battle tanks, Ural trucks, D-30 122 mm howitzers, patrol boats, and other equipment were also seen during the parade.

ZSU-23-2 anti-aircraft artillery, ZPU-4 14.5 mm towed anti-aircraft guns, M-1939 37 mm anti-aircraft artillery, ZSU-23-4 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, and SA-3 (S-125 Pechora) surface-to-air missiles were among the air defense systems.

Of course, the hardware displayed in our opinion doesn’t match those in possession of Kenya Defense Forces, even though Zambia isn’t in a competition with Kenya, in today’s imaginary supremacy battles, KDF wins.

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